Monday, 5 April 2021

Components Of STEAM Lab


STEAM Lab is a game changer for modern education. With features like the Skriware Academy, modular robots, programming tools and much more STEAM Lab is a perfect solution to modernize your classroom.

Skriware Academy is the paradigm around which STEAM Lab is designed. It has a built in e-course base for teachers & multimedia aids for children, made easy to navigate with an intuitive design. With ideas & scenarios ready to be deployed in a classroom, a search engine helps teachers & students convert traditional learning experiences into modern ones. With intuitive software and powerful hardware Skriware 2 3D printer provides users with the best of both worlds. The easy to use interface and remote monitoring with a live camera feed means you can easily track your prints remotely. Dual extruders make it easy to mix colors and materials, while a heated PEI bed allows you to remove printed models without a hitch. The Skribot construction kit gives students an opportunity to explore and learn about robotics, electronics & programming simultaneously. This provides students a chance to apply their knowledge in the real world.

STEAM Lab’s SkriKit comes equipped with 273 elements. Students can use these to learn the basics of mechanics and develop spatial thinking. SkriKit is a superb addition to physics & engineering lessons, helping students with creativity and manual skill development.

Interactive tools help teachers build interest amongst students and keep them engaged. They also help them work with Skribots and the Skrikit.

Designing is made easy with design tools included in STEAM Lab. Kids have the freedom of designing their own robots and test their designs by 3D printing them

STEAM Lab is equipped with two block programming applications, Skribots & Creator, to help students learn programming from the get go Skrimarket truly makes STEAM Lab a game changer. Loaded with a host of 3D models that can be downloaded, it also allows you control your Skriware 2 printer using a single account. Teachers and students can search for models created in other programs as well. All this is made easy by an intuitive interface that lets you navigate with ease. Contact 3Idea Technology today to know more about STEAM Lab and the Skriware Academy.

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