Monday, 29 March 2021

3D Printing Trends In 2021


3D printing has gained more equity as a sustainable solution to immediate and custom manufacturing needs during the COVID crisis. Innovations like Block chain, IOT, hi-speed 3d printers and metal 3D printing are some of the key drivers of growth in the 3D printing field. These along with integrated software and automation of standardized processes have paved the way for new trends to emerge in the 3D printing arena. In this blog we will try and outline a few major trends that are expected in the 3D printing industry in 2021.

Growth incentivized by application driven approach

An estimated 20% of global consumer goods are expected to use 3D printing for custom made products. This projection is based on the amazing transformative power of 3D printing that can be harnessed by applications and software tailor made to specific 3D printing needs.

Reduced Operator Intervention

Advances in 3D printing help manufacturers to focus on processes in the post and pre-production phases. As the models to be printed can be designed virtually, simulation and automation software in tandem with 3D printing will enable better designs with minimal human intervention, while speeding up the manufacturing process.

Assimilation of 3D printing in Supply Chains

3D printing has great potential to handle resource-intensive tasks. With shorter lead times and fewer equipment needs it has already revolutionized the manufacturing supply chain. In 2021 3D printing is predicted to smoothen the operation of manufacturing supply chains, by harnessing IOT and Industry 4.0 to build a digital supply chain from the ground up.

Higher customization

With the ability to create custom parts, models and design, 3D printing is expected to help consumers and goods providers alike. Virtual designs are easier to customize and can be tailor made to various requirements. The ability of 3D printers to print complex 3D designs will make it possible to realize the production of offerings that cater to unique demands of various industries.

Metal 3D printing

Advances in metal 3D printing are already revolutionizing the Aerospace and Aviation industry. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, 75% of aircrafts will use components that are 3D printed. 3D printing in metals can deliver more complex parts with ease, helping designers to innovate and solve unique problems.

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